San Diego Walk to Emmaus


 Update September, 2016

Fly with Christ !!!
( De Colores as well) We have NEWS from NASHVILLE
concerning Chrysalis!
For NOW just know that Nashville is MAKING BIG CHANGES concerning the
Chrysalis program. They have hired consultants to review and study and to learn how to make
Chrysalis BETTER!



Chrysalis Corner:

Chrysalis/Chrysalis Journeys is the counterpart to Walk to Emmaus for youth (15-18) and young adults (19-24). The boys’ and girls’ flights happen simultaneously, but in different locations.

Our biggest need from the community is sponsorship. You can download applications from the Applications box below. 

Cooking for Chrysalis is different than Emmaus as the kitchen workers volunteer for one meal at a time. If you would like to cook a meal, you don’t need a team application, but you should contact the head cook. 








Applications/ Forms