San Diego Walk to Emmaus

 Walk to Emmaus
Sponsor’s Check List

Before the weekend

______ Pray for GUIDANCE on who to sponsor

______ Get applications in EARLY

______ Ask your Pilgrim for 4-5 names of family/friends who could pray for the Pilgrim.

               You can contact these people and also ask for personal Agape.

______ Request Personal Agape for your Pilgrims NOW

______ Maintain regular contact; Pray, reconfirm dates, shape expectations,
               answer questions, ONGOING

During the weekend

______ Set pick up time for dinner and Thursday night arrival. DELIVER Personal Agape

______ Attend Sponsor’s Hour to select the Pilgrim’s cross

______ Check with Pilgrim Spouse to determine assistance needed

______ Attend Saturday evening CANDLELIGHT Ceremony

______ Attend CLOSING, take your Pilgrim home, reconfirm pick up for
               4th Day Event

After the weekend

______ Attend 4th Day with your Pilgrim

______ CONFIRM Reunion Group invitation or formation of a new group

Applications/ Forms